Imagine a halo.

20 plays



»Sylia floats rapidly past Guilherme and block his way by standing still.

>Stop, turn 180º.

>Run faster.
»A light can be seen far away.
»The only visible thing around Guilherme is the ground 1 meter away from his position.
»Sylia screams louder and louder, indicating she is getting closer.

>Conjure projectiles.
»Instead of spherical white projectiles, dark green cubes appears floating round Guilherme.
»The cubes fuse themselves around Guilherme forming a floating cage without floor.
»The cage moves with Guilherme.

>Slow down.
»The cage furiously pushes Guilherme forward.
»The edges of the lower cubes damages Guilherme’s foot.

>Realize being naked.

%Sylia%: … …illherkillherkillherkillherkillherkillher…

>Get scared.
»The cubic cage shrinks slowly.
»Guilherme has no space to run.

>Try to hand onto the cage’s cubic bars.
»Cannot grab the bars.

»Space between the cage and the floor is 20cm.

>Feel legs breaking.

>Get engulfed by sudden ray of light.

>Scream loudly.

>Open eyes.

>Get slaped.

%Mirian%: DO NOT MOVE!

>Recognize abscence of ruthlessness in Mirian’s words.

>Get scared.

>Recognizes vast landscape.

>Try to look to the right.

>Feel strange.

>Look to Mirian.
»Mirian is balancing herself on the pommel of her gigantic Ring Sword.
»The Ring Sword was active, almost floating in mid-air.

>Realize she is very small.

>Realize being enormous.

>Try to look down.
»Cannot stand.

>Fall to the ground.

>Think that falling to the ground is rather funny.
»Mirian’s Ring Sword descends to the floor.
»Mirian jumps off a tree.
»Guilherme’s head is inside a forest.

%Mirian%: Can you fucking hear me?

»Mirian holds onto her sword, preparing to attack.


>Stop moving.
»Mirian’s Ring Sword disappears.
»Mirian starts doing the “one way winning” dance.

»Mirian laughs.
»Mirian sits on the ground.
»Mirian’s hair is curly and black, very short.
»Mirian was wearing a different clothing, she had a compression short and a tight sleeveless shirt on.

%Mirian%: Congratulations big fucker! Remember when you told me you were bigger than me in every last sense? Well, there you have it.
»Mirian tried to contain her laughs.

%Mirian%: And the best part is that you really acts like a Portramic, I mean, you were born to be this way.
»Mirian said it with an enormous and irritant smile.

>Try to get up.
»Guilherme’s gigantic body squirmed but did not move more than some meters away from it’s original position.

%Mirian%: Yeah, yeah, I know what you want. You want to hug big sister here for saving your ass off, right? Well, if I bring you back before the “turn itself into the Building Halo” process you will be my slave! You hear me? We’ll be free.
»Mirian held the air above her head, which turned into her Ring Sword.

>Close eyes.





#Mirian#: Stupid big fucker. Stupid little fucker. They are all stupid.
&>As Mirian stood by Sylia, she could see both Baste and Guilherme lying on the ground. Both with their faces downwards.

#Mirian#: She is such a crude woman, electrifying Guilherme like that. If she tries that on me, I’ll run like there is no tomorrow.
&>The outside of the barrier created by Baste’s ability was almost a clear-white canvas. Mirian couldn’t look outside with her eyes fully opened.

#Mirian#: Now the most idiotic part. Even more idiot then those fuckers… Why does she have to stay here. It’d be more interesting if she were gone already.
&>Mirian looked at Sylia. The white girl was almost invisible, at the center of the circular space.

#Mirian#: What are your plans…?
&>Suddenly Sylia directed herself at Mirian, and walked to her. Mirian despaired as Sylia was getting closer. She had a killing look on her face.
&>Sylia passed through Mirian as if the look was just to get her scared. Mirian followed Sylia with her eyes. The black hair of Sylia contrasted violently with the white void.
%Sylia%: The radiation has already infected the core and the majority of the soil, but the total degeneration will take years.

#Mirian#: Take your degeneration and stuff it in your ass.
&>Sylia touched the barrier with her bare hands. Her body was almost invisible, as if the only part of her being being her long silky black hair.
%Sylia%: I’ll have you go to Barinat’eri with Guilherme. Leave him there. It’s ridiculous how he gets excited with our little Baste.

#Mirian#: FUCK YOU! I don’t want to go to some SHIT LIKE THAT!
%Mirian%: Should I leave him anywhere?

#Mirian#: Did you brainwashed him or anything like that?
&>Sylia was rubbing her hands at the barrier. She was somewhat excited with the RSF.
%Sylia%: Leave him at “that” place. It won’t be hard to find.
&>Sylia turned to Mirian and sighed. Mirian stood there as if trying to imitate a statue.

#Mirian#: Fuck, she is dangerous all of a sudden.
%Sylia%: After that, slay the Portramic that resides in the moonetoid close to Primal Star.
&>Mirian moved a little, expressing her shock for hearing “the Portramic”. She couldn’t even form a single string of words in mind.
%Sylia%: It’ll be a clash close to a Primal Star. So you have to use all of your potential.

#Mirian#: She wants to kill me. I’m not useful to her anymore. That thing will kill me. What does she have in mind?!

#Mirian#: I can use this to… No, I won’t get killed by that thing. I CAN survive that! Portramic is a baby stage. I’ve got the ways to do so!
&>Sylia looked at Mirian, almost moved by Mirian’s expression.
&>Little and incomprehensible words got away from Sylias hair and entered Guilherme’s body. Guilherme then floated, showing his heavily injured body.

#Mirian#: Idiot… Letting yourself being tortured by her. Such a weaklin- THOSE?! She is monitoring us. FUCK. THAT BITCH!
&>Sylia crossed her arms and looked at Baste.
%Sylia%: Go.
&>Mirian took Guilherme’s body and carrying him by the shoulder, walked through the barrier without looking back.
&>She did not got to the building’s rooftop, but instead, she and Guilherme entered a white continuum space.
&>After completely getting to the white space she summoned her gigantic ring sword.
%Mirian%: Off to wasteland.

#Mirian#: Those fucking monitors might already be inside me too… That fucking monster… At least I’m not so fucked up as big fucker here.
&>Mirian took the sword with her bare hand and pressed a hard lump on it’s hilt. The enormous ring started to spin with mighty velocity, launching her to her front direction.
&>Guilherme was naked, unconscious and heavily hurt. Mirian expressed as little concern as she could, due to Sylia’s unstable nature. Every action had to be planned carefully.

#Mirian#: I have to pee… Hmmm… Maybe Guilherme’s shit grew so long because he had to pee, but he couldn’t do it because of Sylia. That would explain why he has erectile dysfunction as well.
&>Mirian laughed loudly inside her mind.

&>Mirian smiled as she continued to make jokes about Guilherme and Sylia.
&>After some time traveling, Mirian saw a darker area. She proceeded, as she used the route a couple of times.

%Mirian%: That will lead us to the greater void between heavy bodies… If he explodes because Sylia forgot to give him protection, air and shit, I’ll pee myself in laughter.
&>And laughing, she continued to trespass to the other side of the dark void beyond.





>Look up.
»Portramic floats gently over the building, relatively close.
»It’s body makes a spiral pattern, looking like it is drilling the sky.
»There is a chubby person in front of Baste and Guilherme.
»Only the back of the person can be seen.
»The person is wearing strangely tight clothes.

%Guilherme%: How’s that?
»The person turns to Guilherme.
»The person turns out to be a black girl.
»She has dark short hair.
»It is not clear what her eyes color are.

%unclearEyes%: It is morphing. And what the hell is this shit?
»She looks to Baste.

>Step back.
»Guilherme laughs.

%Guilherme%: He is our Baste. Where is Sylia?
%unclearEyes%: I think she didn’t make it. I mean, I’d love her to be dead and all…
%unclearEyes%: Waiting for that thing to fuck with everything is like dying anyway.
%unclearEyes%: Why is little fucker here? I won’t hold anything back.
»Guilherme turned to Baste.

%Guilherme%: He came with Portramic. Sylia must know it.
%unclearEyes%: …
>Walk up to the black girl.

%Baste%: Who are you?
»She looks at Baste disgusted, then turn around and keeps monitoring Portramic.

>Look to Guilherme in rage.
»Guilherme is looking to Portramic.

>Look up.
»Portramic is floating, making a circle-like pattern.

%Baste%: What is going on?
%unclearEyes%Fast: Shut it.

>Look around.
»Sky is now darker then before.
»Reddish light covers the city.
»Portramic slowly moves until it’s “tail” touches it’s “head”.
»Portramic suddenly stops.
»Portramic’s “tail” and “head” fuses.
»Portramic’s now circular body resides right above the building where Baste, Guilherme and the black girl are.

>Think that Portramic acts as a halo to the building.

>Name Portramic’s circular form “Building Halo”.
»Girl suddenly grabs the air right above her with her left arm.

%unclearEyes%loud: Sinister!
»A high pitched noise developed itself.
»A gigantic spear-like object materializes at the girls hand.
»The spear is as big as a light pole.
»Guilherme runs to Baste and tries to drag him to the rooftop entrance door.

>Run with Guilherme.

%Guilherme%: That is a kotodama. The words have power.
%unclearEyes%loud: Dexter!
»Loud noise could be heard again.

%Baste%: What is going on?!
%Guilherme%: Portramic is morphing into what we call a “Building Halo”. It will try to absorb energy from it’s surroundings.
»The girl spins with open arms. Spears are violently cutting the air.
»Girl spins very fast.

%Guilherme%: We cannot destroy a Building Halo, but we can destroy it’s other form.
%Baste%: How many there is?
»Girl lift her arms and spins greatly faster than before.
»Girl’s spinning motion Breaks air resistance and creates vacuum.

>Get sucked up a little by the black girl’s vortex.
»Guilherme embraces Baste and continuously shoots the girl.
»Guilherme’s projectiles continuously entered the vortex.

>Look to Building Halo.
»The Building Halo consisted of a large torus. Portions of the torus were yellow and others were colorful.

%Guilherme%: Now now my boy… Do not be afraid. This is supposed to happen.
»Guilherme keeps looking to the vortex.
»Guilherme stops shooting.

>Look to the vortex.
»The girl’s velocity falls abruptly.
»Girl stop moving.
»She is curled, holding each spear by each hand.
»One spear is trespassing her right elbow and the other is going through her stomach.
»No blood can be seen.
»Suddenly, the girl moves to the edge of the rooftop, without moving her legs.

>Get scared.
»Guilherme embraces Baste harder.

%Guilherme%: Don’t get scared.
»Girl gets past the protection fence of the building as if it didn’t exist.
»Protection fence looks intact.

>Stare at the girl.

%Guilherme%: Mirian! Aim to the yellow part!
»Girl launches herself up, not moving her body in any axis.

%Guilherme%: Dude, she is going to make it.

>Realize the girl’s name is Mirian.

>Follow Mirian’s position in the sky.
»Mirian is almost close to Building Halo.
»Mirian stops at somewhat the center of the torus-like body of Building Halo.
»Mirian launches herself to Building Halo body, in front of her.
»Mirian enter Building Halo.
»Red gases can be seen from the hole Mirian made.

>Look at Guilherme.

%Baste%loud: WHAT?
%Guilherme%: Look!

>Look at Building Halo.
»Mirian got away through the outer layer of Building Halo.
»Three golden lines sprout away from Mirian.
»The golden lines grew 27 meters away from Mirian, at her front.
»Then, the golden lines stretched themselves to the ground.
»The lines get past Baste’s limit view and goes under the rooftop security fence.
»Guilherme let go of Baste and runs to the security fence.

>Look up.
»Mirian implodes and disappear, leaving behind the golden lines, fixed in the air.

>Get sad feeling.
»Building Halo starts to spread red gases through the holes Mirian made.
»Guilherme starts shooting Mirian’s disappearing point.
»Projectiles get reflected when reaching that point.

>Name disappearing point “Mirrier”.

%Guilherme%loud: Ariaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa-
»Guilherme conjure a massive projectile inside Mirrier.

>Get proud for naming an important location.
»>Battle is to initiate itself.

>Feel weird.

%Guilherme%loud: It COMES!
»Guilherme runs to Baste.
»Guilherme stands at Baste’s side.

%Guilherme%: Your battle system is different from mine, so you have to face everything solo. Follow the system.
»>Initiate differentiation.
»Building Halo’s damaged section moves down to the building’s front.
»Building Halo’s counter damaged section moves horizontally to the building front.
»Building Halo’s final position resembles an enormous portal in front of the building.
»A large section of the city was being superimposed by Building Halo’s body.
»The golden lines are nowhere to be seen.

>Check status.
»Shadow-like words form themselves on the ground near Baste.
»>Still Turn.

>Stare at Pleassssure status.

>Demand detailed explanation of Pleassssure status.
»Shadow-like words form themselves on the buildings of the city.
»They read “Pleassssure is necessary to endure damage.”
»>Secondiere Turn.
»Guilherme runs off and shoots the rooftop to launch himself up to the sky.
»Gets closer to Building Halo and shoots immense amount of projectiles that launches him back to his original position.
»>Building Halo obtained 765765571879347635893153519768319534965549615799 Damage.
»>Building Halo’s Friends reduced to 9999999999999999999999999999999999999234234428120652364106846480231680465034450384201.
»>Thiaere Turn.
»Building Halo wastes a turn.

>Check command list.
»Shadow-like words form themselves on the ground near Baste.
Reflective synaptic field……………1000
Play dead………………………….0
Check status……………………….0
Check settings……………………..0
»>Still Turn.

>Proceed to execute Reflective synaptic field.
»>Not enough Bananal to execute.
»>Secondiere Turn.
»Guilherme looks at Baste.
%Guilherme%: We won’t do any damage to him. You have to protect us meanwhile Mirian is out.
»Guilherme gives part of his Bananal to Baste.
»>Baste obtained 19999999999999232 Bananal.
»>Baste’s Bananal increased to 19999999999999686.
»Guilherme grabs Baste by the shoulder.
»>Thiaere Turn.
»Building Halo enters the ground as if it never existed and got it’s higher part closer to the building.

>Execute Reflective synaptic field.
»Shadow-like words form themselves on the ground near Baste.
»They read “Nerve cells will be permanently damaged if enough pressure is suppressed on RSF.”
»The shadow-like words changed position.
»They read “It is recommended that RSF sensitivity get redirected to other parts of the body. Hippocampus is set as default.”

>Stop proccess.
»Baste’s body curled as much as Schair’s armor would let.

>Feel extremely heavy.

>Feel internal organs being pressed down.

>Get on knees.
»Spherical glass-like barrier appear surrounding Baste and Guilherme.

>Look at the barrier.
»>Baste’s Bananal reduced to 19999999999998686.
»>Still turn.

%Baste%fast: How do I convert RSF damage to some part of my body?!
»Guilherme look to Baste.

%Guilherme%: … I think you gotta think as it is converted, then it will just be!

>Check settings.
»>Unavailable option.
»>Still turn.

%Baste%: My Friends status is very low, give me some too!
%Guilherme%: Your what?!
%Baste%: Health! My health is short!
%Guilherme%: End your turn-thing!

>Demand detailed explanation of Catch command.
»Shadow-like words form themselves on the buildings of the city.
»They read “Catch will obtain an entity’s ‘exception’ and turn it into a executable command, permanently.”

%Baste%loud and fast: WHAT?
»>Secondiere Turn.
»Guilherme gives half of his Friends to Baste.
»>Baste obtained 1232134728532054404558643058994895249598978968076782389 Friends.
»>Baste’s Friends increased to 1232134728532054404558643058994895249598978968076782391.

%Guilherme%: Try to redirect the damage to your skin or something! You can redirect it to anything with a relatively big mass.
»Guilherme’s free hand starts to shake.
%Guilherme%: On this system you have to terminate a turn for time to flow! We gotta skip a lot of turns for Mirian!
»Guilherme pass his turn to Baste.

%Guilherme%: Accomplish useful stuff!!

>Take “Friends” and name it’s empty slot with “Love longevity”
»>Thiaere Turn.
»Building Halo Shrinks to 1/4 of its previous size.
»Building Halo goes up and stops above the building.
»Building Halo’s central-space-line is perpendicular to the ground and right above Baste’s RSF.
»Building Halo beguns to suck Baste’s RSF light.
»>Building Halo obtains 50000 Bananal.
»>Baste’s Bananal reduced to 19999999999948686.
»Building Halo is still absorbing the light out of Baste’s RSF, but Bananal is not decreasing.

>Skip turn.
»>Secondiere Turn.
»Guilherme pass the turn.
»>Thiaere Turn.
»Building Halo descends and docks at the base of the building.
»Building Halo is not visible.
»Light from RSF spreads to the building edges and gets down.
»>Building Halo obtains 500000 Bananal
»>Baste’s Bananal reduced to 19999999999448686.
»>Enter event.
»Mirrier starts to glow intensively.
»A black ball-like object comes crashing to the buildings rooftop.
»Mirian gently steps up and stops at RSF’s side.
»Behind Mirian, another girl appears.
»The girl is very tall (191cm) and truly white.
»Her hair is black, very long and straight (almost reaching her foot).
»She is wearing a kind of tight suit similar to Mirian.
»Unlike Mirian, a gentle expression can be seen in her face.
»Golden words in a large variety of fonts and sizes float around her as if they were papers falling in the air.
»The girl looks to the RSF transparent interior.
»Girl comes and get in line with Mirian.
»Some red words appears above the new girl and then fusing they form the word “vessel”, which flies high above sight.
»>Secondiere Turn.
»Mirian conjure an enormous sword-like thing (20m).
»The edge of the sword has a spike ring that spins loudly.
»Mirian jumps and flies off until she gets to 18m above the rooftop ground.
»Mirian attacks the rooftop ground with the sword.
»Before hitting the floor, the spinning ring spins faster than before and launches her up, very high.
»She keeps ascending.
»>Thiaere Turn.

>Feel bad.
»Do not want to talk.

>Forfeit turn.
»>Foearilha Turn.
»Guilherme gets out of RSF.

%Guilherme%: Keep on with the barrier lil’ dude!
»Guilherme takes off his mask and his briefs.
»Guilherme opens his arms and legs a little.
»Guilherme conjures a projectile the size of a small moon where the red vessel were to be.
»Guilherme’s body starts to get a reddish color.
»>Quinterno Turn.
»Building Halo violently goes up in the sky and collides with Guilherme’s projectile.
»No sound could be heard.
»Building Halo absorbed the projectile energy entirely.
»Guilherme collapsed on the floor.
»The girl looked up.
»She extended her right arm to the sky.
»A large number appeared to follow her arms condition.
»The large number flew gently until 5 meters away from the girl to launch itself fast enough to hit a portion of Building Halo in less than a second.
»Girl enters Baste’s RSF.
»The loud noise of air folding could be heard.
»>Building Halo obtained 9999999999999899999999999999999999995834234428120652364106846480225333941359773540543 Damage.
»>Building Halo’s Love longevity reduced to 100000000000000000000003400000000000000000000000000006346523674676843658.
»>Secondiere Turn.
»Building Halo is slashed open close to the yellow area.
»Mirian falls gently on the floor, inside Baste’s RSF, being covered by little red “vessel” words.
»Her gigantic sword falls 3 meters away from the RSF, heavily damaging the rooftop floor.
»>Building Halo obtained 43893859388593341554554555555233598587490000000000000006341785649784580004034434000 Damage.
»>Building Halo’s Love longevity reduced to -43893859388493341554554555555233595187490000000000000006341785643438056329357590342.

>Realize the system’s dialogue is a string of words formed inside of the mind.
»>Thiaere Turn.

>Realize Building Halo’s Love longevity is negative.
»Building Halo is trying to reconnect it’s ripped parts, but is failing.

>Execute Catch.
»>Baste’s Bananal reduced to 19999999999448486.
»>Foearilha Turn.
»Guilherme gets up.
»His body is extremely red.


>Comprehend size difference.

>Get sad and mad.

>Name new feeling “smad”.
»Guilherme runs inside Baste’s RSF.
»Guilherme gets on his knees.
»His <yeah> touches the floor as he stays on his knees.

>Get a higher level of madness.
»Guilherme seems to be trying to catch his breath.
»Guilherme pass the turn.
»>Quinterno Turn.
»Building Halo collapses through it’s hole and forms a heavenly light in the sky.
»Building Halo emits a loud low pitched sound continuously.

>Names Building Halo’s new form “Eerie Fart”.
»Suddenly Eerie Fart starts to emit wind through all directions and it’s light engulfs sight.
»The inside of the RSF is visible.

>Feel extremely startled.

>Feel something moving inside Schair’s armor.
»Strange glyphs appear inside the visor of Schair’s armor.
»Glyphs can be seen outside of the armor too.

%Girl%: You’re doing ok. Now, endure the pain when it comes.
»The girl was looking to Baste.

>Feel weird.
»Girl keeps looking.

>Look the other way.

%Girl%: I’m Sylia. I know you from a long time ago. I’m very sorry to put you into this.

>Look at Sylia.
»Mirian helps Guilherme get up.
»Guilherme is holding onto Mirian’s shoulder.
»Sylia slaps Guilherme.
»Guilherme goes down.

%Sylia%: You’re such an idiot.
%Mirian%: An idiot indeed.
%Sylia%: What were you thinking?
%Mirian%: He was trying to die. That way he wouldn’t have to protect the fucking baby anymore.
»Guilherme grabbed Mirian’s leg.
»Mirian kicks Guilherme in the face with her other leg.
»Guilherme covers his face.

%Sylia%: You’re not necessary for our ultimate purpose, but that does not mean you can just do whatever you want.
%Mirian%: You have a mission to take. You’re not allowed to die.
»Guilherme shakes.
»Sylia snaps.
»Schair’s armor’s helmet opens and fall to the ground.
»Red glyphs come out.

>Feel utter pain in every part of the body.


>Scream louder.

>Cannot breath.

>Stop thinking.





%Guilherme%: W-ha.

>Hold Baste before he falls.
»Baste’s armor-like suit is cold and spiky.

>Examine Baste’s armor.
»The armor is hard and heavy.
»Armor is all black with white details (lines) spread at the arms and legs.
»The entire body of Baste is covered by the armor.
»All articulations are covered by scale-like pieces of hard armor.
»A large helmet covers Baste’s head.
»Helmet is entirely black.
»Three horns burst out of Baste’s helmet, one at the center of his forehead and two at each side of Baste’s left ear (no horn at the right side of his helmet).
»Helmet’s front looks like a flat screen subdivided into four segments.

%Guilherme%: I can’t believe you won’t see this. It is actually the first time something like this will happen with us around.

>Drag Baste close to the opening on the wall.

>See outside.
»A giant amount of people seems to stand in the streets.
»All people are petrified, utterly stopped in place.

%Guilherme%: Fu-k it’s gonna start.
%Guilherme%: Time to get outta here, right buddy?

>Knock on Baste’s helmet.
»No response.

#Guilherme#: Now, now. Calm down boy, it’s just a little jumping, nothing more.
#Guilherme#: If you hit someone, it doesn’t matter, as they are going to be consumed anyway.
%Guilherme%: Ok dude, off we go!

>Put Baste on his back and hold him tight.

>Get distance from the opening.

>Run and jump.

>Conjure white little spherical objects.

>Aim at the gaps between people down at the ground.

>Shoot spherical objects.
»As Guilherme shoots the objects his body is launched at the opposite direction, sustaining him at the same altitude.

>Shoot large amount of spherical objects to the ground.

>Study gaps’ locations.

#Guilherme#: Now now, let’s fu-king do it!

>Look up.
»Sky is dark blue.

>Shoot stupendous amount of projectiles.


>Keep ascending.
»Top of next building is still far from reach.

#Guilherme#: Not looking down, locking onto higher grounds.
#Guilherme#: Are they not screaming because I’m and not hitting them…? That’s actually odd.
#Guilherme#: That’s enough.

>Look to front.

>Look around.
»There are tall buildings all around.
»A faint noisy can be heard at a specific direction.

>Look up.

>Search for the highest building.
»A building behind the one in front of Guilherme seems to be the one.

>Shoot giant amount of projectiles at the opposite facing direction.

>Launch himself into the closest window at the building in front.

>Break through.

>Land swiftly.
»The place looks like a hotel room.
»A large bed resides between two wall lamps.

>Dash through the room.

>Shoot a large projectile through the door of the room.

>Get hit by the recoil a little.
»The projectile destroyed the room’s door and the wall in front of it.

>Get past the hole in the wall.
»Another hotel-like room was there.
»Another door was there.

#Guilherme#: I ain’t got time for this fu-kery.

>Conjure a human sized Projectile and shoot it at the other door.
»A path is made to the other side of the building.

>Run towards the path.
»Pass through a corridor.
»A plate with the number 79 can be seen.

>Get closer to the opening leading to the outside of the building.
»The target building is almost 100 meters away from Guilherme’s position horizontally.

>Look down through the hole.
»A large amount of people are standing on the street.
»Can’t see the street floor from this altitude.

>Check on Baste.
»The armor is moving a little at the chest location.

>Imply Baste is somehow breathing.

#Guilherme#: What is Mirian fu-king doing at times like these?

>Lie Baste on the floor 3 meters away from the opening at the wall.

>Conjure some amount of projectiles outside the building.

>Check the sky.
»There are no clouds at all in the blue sky.

>Shoot one projectile at the sky.
»Nothing happens.

>Shoot a massive amount of projectiles at the sky.

>Reload and keep shooting at a fast pace.

>Get on knees.

>Join hands.

>Close eyes.

>Conjure projectiles the size of small cars outside the building.

>Shoot’em up.

%???%Loud: It starts!

>Open eyes.

%Baste%: What…?

>Get up and face Baste.

%Guilherme%: Dude, that’s our cue!
»Baste was getting up.

>Embrace Baste.
»Baste’s helmet faces the same direction as Guilherme’s back and vice-versa.

%Guilherme%: Hold on to me dude!

>Run backwards to the opening in the wall.

>Launches himself outside of the building by shooting projectiles to the opposite direction of the target building.

>Keep shooting.
»Guilherme’s back is facing the target building.

%Guilherme%: That’s that!

>Conjure immense projectile and shoot it to the target building.
»An opening has been made between floors.

>Get inside.

>Shoot projectiles the other way to prevent landing damage on themselves.

>Land on floor.
»Baste gets off Guilherme.
»Baste falls on his knees.

%Baste%: … My… Ah…
»Baste appears to be shocked.

%Guilherme%: Let’s hurry to the highest floor!

>Pull Baste by the arm.
»Baste pushes Guilherme.

%Baste%: Stop it! What was that about?!
%Guilherme%: C’mon!! Please don’t do this to me duude!
%Guilherme%: We are almost there!
%Guilherme%: Mirian will explain everything to you and I’ll do anything you want, but let’s just fu-king move on!!!

>Make sad look.
»Baste seems to be falling for the sad look.

>Offer hand.
»Baste grabs Guilherme’s hand.

>Pull Baste up.
»Baste runs to a corridor, exposed by Guilherme’s immense projectile impact.

>Follows Baste to the corridor.

%Baste%: I’ve found the stairs!
%Guilherme%: Let’s take an elevator!

>Proceed to the main elevator control panel.

>Push the call button.
»Baste seems alert.

%Baste%: It is dangerous! We’ll die if it breaks!!
%Guilherme%: I will protect you with all my might buddy… I’ll shoot anything in sight.
%Baste%: … What is going on?… *sob*
»Baste’s helmet faced down.

%Guilherme%: No… Are you really crying?

>Rest hands at Baste’s shoulders.

%Guilherme%: Now now… You do not have any idea of what I’m doing to control myself here…
%Guilherme%: You are turning me on like there is no tomorrow… Literally.
»Baste’s helmet faced Guilherme.

%Baste%: … What?
%Guilherme%: You ain’t remember anything… You ain’t know anything… But let me tell you this-
»A beep sound came from the elevator portal.
»The door opened.

>Enter the elevator.
»Baste follows.

>Press the 235 floor button.
»Door closes.

>Look to Baste.
»Baste is shaking a little.

%Guilherme%: Try to remove the helmet.
»Baste looked to Guilherme, surprised.
»Baste tries to take off the helmet.
»Baste failed at every try.
»Baste cried loudly.

>Enlargement below.

>Takes off and put it to the left, inside the underwear.
»Baste stopped crying.

%Guilherme%: No, really. You can cry all you want. I won’t stop you, but I won’t control myself either. Are you still there?
»Baste doesn’t answer.

%Guilherme%: We were actually a couple. But Sylia reincarnated you, so you could achieve a new power level.
%Guilherme%: You are from this world. But you were born in several others, as you reincarnated over and over.
%Guilherme%: To me, just 4 months of this planet passed. To you, several years of this planet…
%Guilherme%: Now now, I’ll assume you got everything ‘till now. We actually are going to see something big happening today.
%Guilherme%: Be sure to treasure this memory well.
»Baste was motionless, facing Guilherme.

>Look down.

>Look up.

>Try to think of odd things.
»Baste looked away, as if trying to understand the situation.

>Shrink below, slowly.

%Guilherme%: I’m sorry… That was not on my plans-
%Baste%: What is Portramic?
%Guilherme%: … It is a spawn from another being. They are machinations.
%Baste%: Machinations…?! It speaks?

>Look at Baste.

%Guilherme%: If those things could speak, I’d like to know what would they say…
»Elevator stops abruptly.

>Be alert.
»Door opens.
»The indicator above showed that the elevator has reached the destined floor.

>Get off the elevator.
»Baste follows.
»Window by the end of the corridor shows a red light covering the city

>Open the stairs door.

>Climb the stairs.

>Reach final door to rooftop.
»Baste follows right behind.

>Open door and enter rooftop.





>Get absorbed by light.
»Baste appears to be falling, high in the sky.

>Get scared.

>Look down while struggling against the cold.
»Everything is covered in snow.
»A white forest circles a lake.
»An enormous house can be seem inside the forest.
»The cold winds strikes his body at full speed.

>Feel body shrinking greatly.


>Brace for impact.
»Falls on body of water
»Temperature is the coldest possible.

>Swim upward in confusion.

>Hit head into something.
»Thick ice above.

>Search for an exit.

>Feel eyeballs hurting.
»Hand passes through a hole while searching.

>Try to exit the lake.
»The walls of ice are too high.
»The exit is a hole with a 1 meter wall.
»The hole diameter is something like 2 meters

>Try to climb.

>Feel whole body burning.

>Try to scream in agony.

>Splash the water everywhere, confusingly, inside the hole.

>Feel something grabbing onto his shoulders.

>Fly out of the hole.

%???%: REIVAH?!?!

>Look up.
»An enormous man is holding him in his arms.
»when eye contact is made the big man runs with him in the direction of the forest.

%BigMan%: Reivah latrlal? Ae rirvl.
»The man speaks without looking to Baste, but it is implied that he is speaking to him.

>Try to say “cold”.
»Can’t move lips.

%BigMan%: Aer… Greh hienuri ameranista tabris gaeraera.
%BigMan%: Ameranistera threlvlas Reivah…
»After he spoke, he looked to Baste.
»He was running at an impressive velocity.

>Look around.
»The forest trees could be seen.
»Trees were fully covered in snow, so was the ground.

>Shaking intensely.

>Try to move.

%BigMan%: Gaerl parano Greh.

>Recognize the word “Greh” from somewhere.

>Feel the cold take over.
»The brightness encourages eyes to close.


>Wake up.

>Whole body hurts.

>Try to open eyes.
»Left eye won’t open.

>Try to move.
»Whole body is unable to move.

>See a silhouette of a face some centimeters away.

>Get dramatically scared.
»Face gets closer.
»A woman’s face appears brightly through a glass.
»Two thin clear blue eyes, thin eyebrows, curly long black hair, a medium sized mouth, big thin nose and two round ears could be seen.
»She smiled at Baste.

>Recognize the woman’s face.

>Can’t remember who she is.

>Being encased.

>Move head.
»Cannot move anything.

>Try to shout.
»Gibberish comes out of Baste’s mouth.
»Mouth is covered by some material.
»The woman behind the glass gets down somehow and clears the vision of Baste.
»The living room and front door of a house can be seen.
»Two windows, one at each side of the door shows the brightness of the snow outside.
»A marble table resides in the middle of the room.
»Many objects are scattered on the table.
»No chair can be seen.
»Big Man from the lake enters the house, running.
»His face is covered in blood.

>Name big man “Alto”.
»Alto runs toward Baste and falls to a place where Baste cannot see through the glass.
»The other man helps him get up.

>Name the woman “Schair”.
»Alto say something to Schair.
»No sound passes the glass.
»Alto screams to Schair.
»Alto’s mouth do a funny motion.

>Recognizes Alto’s lips, screaming Greh.

>Ponder chances of Schair’s name being Greh.

>Take “Schair” back and puts Greh into her name slot.
»Greh looks back to Baste.
»Greh looks to the scared face of Alto.
»Greh hugs Alto.
»Greh and Alto stays hugging for at least 3 minutes.

>Feel tremor from below.
»The house shake a little.
»Greh and Alto are still hugging, 2 meters away from Baste.
»Second tremor arrives.
»The impact is so strong that the marble table breaks almost in a half.
»Greh and Alto are thrown to the ground.
»Baste can see their heads through the glass.
»Everything calms.

>Feel strange.

>Feel sad.

>Feel that Greh and Alto are too delicate to be there without any protection.
»Large piece of wood falls from above.
»Almost hits Alto’s legs.

>Get deeply saddened.
»Alto and Greh do not move.
»Alto kiss Greh in the forehead.
»A third impact occur.
»The force of the impact makes Baste close his eye.

>Feel body trembling inside a tight warm place.

>Open eye.
»Greh is holding Alto by his feet.
»Alto is floating in the air, unconscious.
»A uncertain amount of objects can be seen by Baste floating through the scenario.
»Greh looks sad and weak.
»Greh pulls Alto to the ground.
»Greh and Baste’s confinement are the only things not levitating.
»The windows are showing an abnormal bright view.
»Door suddenly implodes.

>Close eye in fear.

>Open eye.
»An intense white light comes from the hole left.
»Some rays of light can be seen on the wall.

>Get confused by strange random rays of light folding in contrast to the wall.
»Greh takes let go of Alto and lift her hand toward the light.
»Strange folded light comes as if moving towards Greh.
»Strange light appear behind Greh’s arms.

>Understand that there is an entity made of light.
»Greh shakes her head.
»Baste cannot see her face.

>Feel surroundings shaking.

>Feel suddenly force throwing himself up.

>See the world falling.

>Realize that the cocoon in which he is, is going up.

>Try to name the cocoon.
»Cocoon smashes through the ceiling and breaks it.
»>Random name from unused list is inputed into the cocoons name slot.
»>Selected name is “Schair”.

>See the world above the house.
»Enormous entity made of colorful material stretches from the distance to the front of the house.
»Entity is round-like and appears to be fluffy.


>Try to rename Schair.
»Cannot rename.
»Enormous entity rise the part of it’s body closer to Schair.
»Closer part of enormous entity is Bright and shinning white.

>Try to name enormous entity.
»Enormous entity comes closer to Schair.

>Lose focus on naming.
»>Random name from unused list is inputed into enormous entity name slot.
»>Name selected is Portramic.
»Portramic comes closer to Schair.
»Schair doubles the velocity upwards.
»Portramic stops going up.
»Suddenly Portramic rises more and more, surpassing Schair’s altitude.

>Think that the bright light-like part of Portramic is the head.
»The distance from Portramic’s “head” to Schair is 120 meters in a horizontal perspective to the ground.
»The distance from Portramic’s “head” to Schair is 2 kilometers in a vertical perspective to the ground.

>Try to look to portramic’s head
»Cannot reach the right angle inside Schair.
»Portramic stops ascending.
»Schair goes up faster and faster.

>Think that Portramic will ‘slap’ or ‘swallow’ Schair at some point.

>Get confused trying to believe the situation.

>Drool on some material.

>Realize mouth is a little open.

>Feel chin hurting.

>Feel like chin is bleeding.

»Schair turns 180º, rotating to the left.
»Explosion of feelings.

>Feel dizzy.
»3 minutes passes without nothing happening.
»Suddenly Portramics folding lights can be seeing trying to reach the glass that separates Baste from the outside.

>Stop breathing.
»Schair pass enter a cloud layer.
»Portramics folding lights touches Schair’s glass.
»An alarming number of folding lights violently grab Schair.
»Schair trembles, trying to ascend.

>Feel headache striking.
»Portramic firmly holds Schair until it won’t move anymore.

>Feel Schair trembling a little.
»Folding lights tore appart.
»Schair goes full speed upwards.

>Gasp loudly.
»17 seconds later, passes cloud layer.
»Above the clouds, everything has a reddish tone.
»Schair turns 150º to the right, rotating to the right.
»Portramic’s colorful body can still be seen.

>Observe without thinking.
»Portramic’s body suddenly starts to ascend, faster than Schair.
»The body has a colorful, difficult to understand pattern.
»The last part of portramic is yellowish.
»The entire body ascends at an alarming speed.

>Feel Schair trembling.
»Schair’s glass shatters.

>Move head.

>Move arms.

>Realize he can actually move freely.

>Look at hands.
»Hands are covered in an stone-spiky-like armor.

>Touch head.
»Head is covered by something, like a helmet.

>Look up.
»Portramic is floating several kilometers above making a spiral pattern with it’s body.
»The yellowish portion of it is actually 7/10 of it’s body.
»At the center of the spiral resides a red object.

>Try to swim back to the ground.
»Can’t turn Schair’s armor to face the ground.

>Try to understand what is causing him to ascend.

>Realize his body is acting like if it’s falling, but upwards.

>Infer that the reason for him to go up is something related to gravity.
»Decreases the speed of ascension.

>Get confused.
»Decreases speed more and more.
»Actually stops in the air.
»Falls a little toward the ground.
»Steps on something.
»Falls on hard ground.

>Look down.
»There is a polygonal platform made entirely of words (which are moving) where Baste is laying.

>Get up.

>Look down.
»Moving words make it easy to understand that below the platform there is a layer of opaque clouds.

>Look Up.
»Portramic is Hovering the red object several kilometers above.

>Feel something weird on neck.
»Realizes that the material that contained his mouth is loose.

%Baste%: What am I supposed to do?!?!

>Get goosebumps.

>Hear loud wind-like sound coming from above.

>Look up.
»Portramic descends really fast.

%Baste%: WHAT ARE—

>Get on knees and brace for impact.
»Portramic passes by and descends to the cloud layer.


>Infer that the voice was Portramic’s.
»Platform below Baste disappears.

>Feel dizzy.

>Ascend faster than ever before.

>Cannot move.

>Feel arms hurting.

>Speed is so high that cannot understand things clearly.

>Get through red object.

>Close eye.

>Hear a whisper-like noise.

>Open eye.
»See a building right in front of him.
»Building is approaching.

>Crash through the window.

>Collide with ~lots of stuff~.

>Try to get up.

>Look around.
»4 people are looking at Baste.
»2 of the people are holding improvised weapons.
»The place looks like an office.
»The place is an office.

>Realize that the place is an office.

>”Noc” on his own head.
»Helmet is still on.

>Hear a great explosion.
»A noise could be heard from outside the building, as if a massive amount of people were screaming.
»A woman closer to Baste started screaming.

%ManCloseToBrokenWindow$ScaredWoman%: What was that?!?! $ The building is going to fall!

>Run to the window.
»Everyone nearby ran to the opposite direction.

>Look outside.
»Portramic was above another building, not so far away.
»Portramic’s ‘head’ was moving frantically from side to side, as if looking for something.
»A little red ‘dot’ could be seeing on its ‘head’.

>Think that Portramic is looking for him.

>Try to levitate.

>Try to find an exit to the building.

>Find the door to a corridor.

>Continue running.

>Think that the elevators are not safe.

>Follow a number of people heading the stairs.


>Think Portramic is heading this way.

>Run the other side of the corridor.
»Everyone has, in theory, evacuated.

>Enter an empty room.

>Close the door.
»The room looks like a kitchen project.
»A fridge and an oven can be seen.
»There are at least three large windows.

>Ignore the room details.

>Stand at the center of the room.

»The windows started to shine brightly.

>Feel a gigantic headache.

>Hear a strange sound coming from the outside.

>See portion of Portramic going to the right from outside of the window.
»Blood was spilling out of some parts of Portramic.
»Wall implodes.

>Curl and brace.

%LowPitchedVoice%: Duuuuude!

>Look at the direction of the voice.
»Dust is in the air.

>Recognize the voice, wait for the dust to go down.
»Dark object is shot through the dust.
»Dust instantly wiped out of vision.
»A young man is standing 2 meters away from Baste.
»The young man is wearing a mask with a happy face on it.
»The young man is wearing only a tiny underwear (briefs), and a large amount of his sculptural big body can be seen.
»The young man was startled and was posing like if he was preparing to jump and run through the city.


%YoungMan%: Remember me, boy?
»The young man’s mask looked to Baste, as if waiting for a response.

>Shocked over everything.

%Baste%: Y-You actually damaged that thing?
»The young man took out his mask.
»The skin which was underneath the mask’s cord was damaged and started bleeding a little.
»His eyes were almost closed.

>Busy looking at his tiny briefs.
»Overall appearance seamed ok.

%YoungMan%: Doesn’t matter anymore. We are fuc-ed. Portramic is going to rush and contain this dimension now.
%Baste%: What?!?! First, how do you know that things name? I mean, this name?
%YoungMan%: That’s it’s name since it wasn’t “it”, long time ago.
»The young man was sitting on the floor.

%YoungMan%: The other times you remembered me. I feel sad this time you don’t.
%YoungMan%: You’re name is Baste, and I’m Baste.
»A loud noise came from outside.

%Baste%: Mirian should be giving Portramic a good lesson.

>Take the young man’s name slot name, “Baste”.

%Baste%: I’m sorry, what’s your name?
%YoungMan%: I said I’m Avertion. What? Are you having fun with the names already? That’s your power.

>Rename Avertion as Guilherme.

%Guilherme%: Please dude… Say you remember me? You always nicknamed me “Gui”.
»Guilherme said that with saddened eyes.

>Try to understand if the nickname was programmed to be the first syllable of the name chosen to him.
»General screaming outside.

>Ignore reasoning.

%Baste%: Do something! There are people suffering out there!
%Guilherme%: Huh? Did you really say that? Okay, I believe you don’t know anything.
%Guilherme%: Come here.
»Guilherme tapped the floor next to him, 1 meter away from the opening on the wall.

>Go there and sit in front of him.

%Guilherme%: Now now, dude… What I’m gonna say might drive you insane… But you actually reincarnated 4 times.
%Baste%: What is “reincarnated”?
%Guilherme%: Okayssss. We have to walk to some cute-lady called Sylia. Then, you will get the rest of your memories back. You get that?
%Baste%: … So my memories are not my memories?
»Guilherme stood up and scratched his left arm.

%Guilherme% I want to kill myself. But I won’t. You are really cute being the most dumb stuff I’ve ever met.
»Guilherme patted Baste’s helmet.

%Baste%: S-Stuff?
%Guilherme%: Submitted stuff. But please, do not name yourself that. It won’t do any good to your self-stem nor anything.

>Get confused.

>Feel happy, in a confused way.
»Guilherme look outside.
»Only the middle portion of other buildings can be seen.

%Guilherme%: Oh boy, we still have to wait a little longer.
%Guilherme%: DUUUDE! Maybe they have some food in here!!
»Guilherme opens some random drawers.

%Baste%: I think I am not ok.
%Guilherme%: Now now boy, you’re all easy this time.
»Guilherme got close to Baste.

%Guilherme%: I can’t even see your face.






%Tagricliata%: Hmmm… That was unexpected. We weren’t suppose to arrive here.

>Look at the boy.
»He coughs.
»He is loosing a large amount of blood.

»A rounded glyph made of random words (mostly portuguese words) appeared on the ground.
»Both fell inside.
»The boy screamed out loud as Tagricliata was trying to recognize the right route.
»They were falling in a white continuum space.
»Both were falling so fast, Tagricliata couldn’t even hear the boy’s cry anymore.

>Grab the boy and throw him at the most dark direction.
»Because of the force she used, her body was launched to the opposite direction.
»The boy tried to say something but his words couldn’t reach her, and as he was spinning, it was impossible to read his lips.

%Tagricliata%: When you reach the other side!
%Tagricliata%: GREEEEEEH!
»Tagricliata didn’t notice if the boy listened to her.

>Look to the impulse direction.
>Immediately understand the mistake.

%Tagricliata%: Fuc-…

>Get absorbed by the light.





Gestalt Generated Players.


Baste woke up. Full of sand on his face, the boy couldn’t help but to spill a large amount of keratin off his mouth. After a bit agonizing, he opened his eyes. The wind blowing on his face wouldn’t move a single inch of his somewhat not so short hair. A gigantic fountain-like-structure resided 5 kilometers away…


>Wake up.

>Spill large amount of sand off his mouth.

>Look around.
»Wind blows sand in his eyes.


>Try to fix hair.

>Look around again (carefully).

>Realize being inside a gigantic “fountain-like-structure”.
»Floor below sand is ceramic.
»A tower exists at the center (?).
»Water gather around central tower.

>Try to name the place.

>Choose “Ceramic Sand”.

>Look behind.
»Ceramic sand is massive, no end can be seen.

>Walk toward the central tower.

>Realize the distance to the central tower is about something like 5 km.

>Run toward the central tower.

>Realize having no clothes.
»Sand everywhere.

>Run faster to reach the water.
»Thirty minutes running.

>Stop and catch breath.

>Proceed to remove sand from body using hands.
»Bruises all over.
»Flapping below starts to irritate.

>Run while holding package.
»Not effective.

>Ignore flapping and run.

>Gets closer to the water.

>Touch body of water.

>Drink from body of water.

>Realize the floor is lower than at the waking point.

>Realize that the distance to the central tower is 2 km.

>Decide to walk in water until the floor gets lower.

»Realize the located fat at the sides of the body.
»Neglect it’s existence.

>Swim to the central tower.
»Central tower is ultra massive.
»No entrance can be seen.

>Realize that the floor is 7 meters below.

>Continue swimming.
»Unnecessary growth below.
»Can’t cover it.

>Check life presence nearby.

>Check floor through crystalline water.
»Floor is made of ceramic. No sign of life.

>Ignore and continue.

>Hear loud *explode* noise from above.

>Stop swimming and check.
»Nothing right above.
»Louder *explode* noise from above, from the tower.

>Look at the tower.
»Large portion of the tower falls and crashes at the ceramic floor.
»Portion is too big to sink. Hangs on making a slide.
»A passage has been created.

>Watches ignorantly.

>Continue swimming to the portion.

>Name portion “Portramic”.

>Realize the distance to the Portramic is 527 meters.

>Realize that the floor is more than 100 meters bellow.

>Continue to swim.

>Gets angered out of nowhere.
»A third explosion coming from the central tower.

>Names central tower “Above Ceramic”.

>Stop swimming and look up.
»Bottom part of the tower sinks.
»Upper part of the tower stays floating, slightly moving from side to side.

>Rush-swim to the Portramic.

>Arrives at the Portramic.

>climbs the edge of the Portramic.

>Realize that the floor of the Ceramic Sand is not visible anymore.

>Curl on the ground.

>Anger pass.

>Stamina restored.

>Climb Portramic.

>Reaches the top.

>Analise Above Ceramic’s upper part.
»A corridor can be accessed from the Portramic if jumping skill requirements are met.

>Cannot see status.

>Decide to do a suicide-try.


>Jumps from Portramic.
»Arrives at a corridor inside Above Ceramic.

>Loud *explode* sound can be heard.

>Look back.

>Portramic is nowhere.

>Reclaim “Portramic” and delete the name.

>Look at the corridor.
»A large corridor extends to the darkness.
»The visible parts are red.
»Floor is red ceramic.
»Walls are red ceramic.
»Ceiling is red ceramic.

>Hear a louder *explode* noise from above.

>Run through the corridor.

>Run until nothing can be seen.
»Suddenly the way is brightened.
»Corridor still stretches to the darkness beyond.

>Look back still running (dangerous).
»All the tower from behind has fallen.

>Gets angered.

>Run faster.

>Can’t see anything.

>Collide with something.

>Falls back.
»Blood is spilling from chin.

>Gets up.
»Large amount of blood cover the body.

>Kick up front.
»Almost break right leg.

>Name something “Unbreakable”.

>Turn around.
»Feels the blood.

>Run toward the light.

>See silhouette inside light.

>Walk toward the image.

>A girl can be seen.
»She wears a long dress and a short coat.
»The wind blows her dress upward a little.
»She wears a pair of pants beneath the dress.

%PantsBeneathDress%: Are you hurt? Come fourth.
%Baste%: I’m hurt. My chin is ‘open’ and bleeding.
%PantsBeneathDress%: Really? So come out! We need to put some ice on it at least.
%Baste%: I can’t. I’m naked!
%PantsBeneathDress%: So what? You’re bleeding.

>Calm down.

>Proceed to the light.
»The girl has a preoccupied look on her face.

>Proceed on naming the girl.

>Cancel operation.

%Baste%: What’s your name?
»She lifted her hand as to Baste to look up.

%PantsBeneathDress%: I am Tagricliata. But that’s not important right now. Did you hear those noises?
%Tagricliata%: Those were my doing. I knew someone would be here. I was expecting you to run away, or watch the fountain drown.
%Tagricliata%: Who knew that you would actually enter the building?
%Baste%: … I’m not feeling very well.
%Tagricliata%: Hold on to me. Do not fall.
»A rounded glitchy circle made of floating words (“Mirulina”) appeared, coming out from Tagricliata’s head.
»Tagricliata embraced Baste.
»Both were sucked by the circle.
»Both were de-sucked on the sand.
»Distance to the Ceramic Tower was more than 30 km.
»The circle above both dissipated.
»Baste coughed.



Introduction is not really necessary…

It is quite possible to understand the organization of the lines just by reading it. The actual theme can be understood too.


The Adventure Of The Panda. [created using the internet]

Satasarin and Greh were out for a pretty Valentine’s walk on a fire. As they went, Greh rested his hand on Satasarin’s leg. It was the most romantic walk ever. But even though the day was so mad, Satasarin was filled with difficult dread.

"Do you suppose it’s simple here?" she asked heavenly.

"You ascendent silly," Greh said, tickling Satasarin with his body of water. "It’s completely blue."

Just then, an ornganic panda leapt out from behind a table and lickes Greh in the boob. “Aaargh!” Greh screamed.

Things looked light. But Satasarin, although she was great, knew she had to save her love. She grabbed a knife and, like a fire that consumes all the land, beat the panda adventurously until it ran off. “That will teach you to lick innocent people.”

Then she clasped Greh close. Greh was bleeding easily. “My darling,” Satasarin said, and pressed her lips to Greh’s armpit.

"I love you," Greh said cooly, and expired in Satasarin’s arms.

Satasarin never loved again.